5 Reasons You Must Use Top Draft Group for Your Microvellum Training

If you’re reading this, your company is either using Microvellum already, or seriously considering it – both with good reason! Microvellum is quickly becoming the serious choice for cabinetmaking drafters worldwide – because of its serious benefits!

We’re talking efficiencies in your manufacturing process, agility in reconfigurations, greater control for users and less risk across your entire manufacturing process.

Down here in Australia, we’re all feeling the call of Microvellum too – but with the demand for Microvellum comes an increase in demand for drafters that can use it and get the best out of its potential. We’re sure you’re feeling that demand too… and we’re more than happy to help you here!

Top Draft Group are a top-tier leading provider of training for the practical use of Microvellum in Cabinetmaking drafting.

We’re even a Microvellum preferred training partner (a position we’re quite proud of) and we use the software in the real world every single day – we absolutely know Microvellum inside and out.

Now, if that wasn’t enough – here are 5 reasons why Top Draft Group should be your partner of choice for Microvellum training. We’ll first sum them up, then we’ll go into each one in further detail:

  1. Our Microvellum training program is endorsed by Microvellum.
  2. Our Microvellum training solution will be customised to your business and the scope of services you provide.
  3. Our Microvellum training is offered remotely.
  4. Our Microvellum training programs have an immediate start all year round.
  5. Our Microvellum trainers have backgrounds in both cabinetmaking and drafting.

Top Draft Group are endorsed by Microvellum as an industry partner – this is a real badge of honour for us. The endorsement confirms that Top Draft Group have been given the tick of approval by Microvellum and are a recognised top-tier leading provider of training, recruitment and drafting solutions by Microvellum.

This means that all our trainers are recognised by Microvellum to be of the highest standard – they’re also required to stay well versed in Microvellum as we progress through all future updates.

Whether you’re a cabinetmaking drafter or a business owner – you can be assured that the training you receive from us at Top Draft Group will be of the highest quality and that the techniques and information that you receive are state of the art.


We’re not here to waste anyone’s time – not yours, and definitely not ours.

We will completely customise your training solutions to your business and your particular requirements. You know those Microvellum shortcuts that perform functions your staff will never use? Forget about them!

We’ll teach your staff the real, practical information that they’ll be using in their practical operation of Microvellum.

This means less downtime for your staff, a more efficient training solution and much more bang for your buck.


In today’s tight labour market, you can’t afford to have your people out of action for any longer than they need to be. This is where we step in, clap our hands, and announce that Top Draft Group offers our Microvellum training remotely!

This means your trainee can learn from their own workstation, on their own jobs, with their own equipment and software setup.

Breaking down the benefits, this is more efficient for your business as your trainee can continue to work in the business. It also makes the transition from training much smoother – your staff are right there already, using their own workstation and everything is right where they left it, with minimal disruption.

And we are always only a zoom call away if the trainee needs extra support.

Our remote training solution is also perfect for the current requirements and push towards working from home – so if your staff are currently or will work from home, this will satisfy your requirements here.


We get it – you’re busy. We’re busy too – and we’re here to make this easy for you. That’s why your Microvellum training program won’t be structured around a term or calendar. That’s right – this means you don’t need to put anything on hold while you wait for your staff to be trained.

Top Draft Group offer training when you need it.  As such our cabinetmaking drafter training can be scheduled and run over any timeframe that works for your schedule.

Just get in contact with us and we’ll work out a time when your preferred trainer is available to work one on one. The result? Your staff receive personalised training tailored to your requirements.


We’re not talking out of turn here – we have the chops to back this all up. Our trainers have all worked as cabinetmaking drafters for many years with a strong background in cabinetmaking.

This gives our trainers the strong industry knowledge and real world experience to understand the manufacturing process from the ground up – and its’ challenges from start to finish. Because they come from a cabinetmaking background our trainers are able to understand how your trainees think and tailor your training to suit your real world requirements.

As we’re sure you know already, Microvellum is a powerful platform that excels at creating efficiency in your business – and it’s one you need to leverage. Take advantage of the efficiency gap and use it to kick-start some growth!

It’s only a short path from here to there – but to take advantage of everything Microvellum has to offer, you need to engage Top Draft Group. We’ll use our deep understanding of Microvellum to give streamlined training – customised to your business.

As a Microvellum endorsed industry partner, our goals are:

  • to make the training process fit seamlessly with your business;
  • to create a Microvellum specialist for your business, and
  • be a Microvellum support partner you can rely on to help you grow your business.

We would love to talk to you!

Speak to us at Top Draft Group today about our customised Microvellum Training program: joanne@topdraftgroup.com