Soft skills facilitate a career change into tech

My name is Matthew Howe and I first encountered Top Draft Group after applying for the role of Customer Support Success Officer being advertised on SEEK.

At the time I was working in aged care and felt that I had reached the limit of my growth there and was looking for a significantly challenging new opportunity in the IT industry.  I had previously studied IT but with a new daughter I had not been able to continue it, so I started to look around for a role where I could learn on the job. I knew that I wanted to reposition my career towards the IT industry and I knew I had the aptitude and tenacity needed to get where I wanted to go, I just needed someone to give me a chance to prove it. This is where Top Draft Group was instrumental in helping me make the change.

Top Draft Groups culture-fit recruitment ethos looked past the superficial experience on my resume and focused on the soft-skills that recommended me to the role they were recruiting for. They recognised skills in me that would be useful for the role, that I didn’t even recognise myself.

My recruitment consultant Joanne explained that working in aged care, you are often working in isolation, providing unconditional care, with compassion and understanding and little to no feedback from your clients. She pointed out that the soft-skillls of empathy, understanding, attention to needs and high levels of compassionate communication are all similarly needed to be successful in customer support in the role Top Draft Group had available.

We looked at how the company culture of her client aligned with my needs and wants for my next role. I was time poor, with a new family, but extremely motivated to succeed, if given the opportunity. The company Top Draft was recruiting for was inclusive, entrepreneurial and rewarded dedication, empathy and a strong work ethic. Furthermore the role was full-time and looking for a long term employee, offering security and ongoing opportunities for growth and development, all things that aligned with my wants and needs. Most importantly though, I could learn on the job and didn’t need to return to full time study, allowing me to spend all important time with my new family. Top Draft Group recognised that my requirements aligned perfectly with the needs of their client, so an interview was organised and the rest is, as they say…. history.

Top Draft Group’s culture fit recruitment ethos, looks beyond the ‘skills and experience’ that stops so many others and was key to my success as a candidate. They worked hard to understand what it was that I needed in my next role and gave me all the tools I needed to succeed in achieving that. If you are looking for expertise and understanding, then look no further than Top Draft Group, I can’t recommend them highly enough!