How much money does a Cabinetmaking Drafter earn?

At the current time an entry level Cabinetmaking Drafter would expect to earn a salary of $65-75K per year.

The starting rate of $65,000 – $75,000 is aligned with the salary of an experienced Cabinetmaker, so the transition from one role to another does not involve an initial loss of income.

However the increase in salary as a Cabinetmaking Drafter’s career progresses is faster and higher than drafters in other trades, and the top rate paid to Cabinetmaking Drafters is far in excess of that offered to equally experienced drafters in other parts of the building and construction industry.


Is Cabinetmaking Drafting suited to females?

Absolutely! Gone are the days of the term draftsman. Despite this, the job is still heavily occupied by males, but we’re happy to say this is rapidly changing with more and more females being drawn to the role.

Women are being drawn to the flexibility, physicality and nature of the work as an attractive career option as it specifically allows them the opportunity to work flexibly and from home to assist with raising their family.

The need to build and maintain good client relationships and focus on the intellectual, problem solving requirements of Cabinetmaking rather than the more strength-based requirements means that women are recognising the sustainability and longevity of drafting as a career choice within the Cabinetmaking and wider Building and Construction industry.

Why invest in training in Cabinetmaking Drafting

There are many reasons why it can be worth your while investing in a career in Cabinetmaking Drafting.

Cabinetmaking Drafting is a career pathway that offers opportunities beyond working on the tools or managing staff or projects on the factory floor.

It’s a role that is in high demand due to the specific skillset it requires and specialised training in state of the art technologies such as Microvellum and Cabinet Vision, only to mention a few. Combine this new skillset with the on the job experience in cabinet making as well as the flexibility to work remotely and suddenly many lifestyle and career opportunities open up for the future.

Your investment in training will be recouped within 6 months as you gain Cabinetmaking Drafting experience and benefit from a more generous salary package.

What unique opportunities exist for Cabinetmaking Drafters?

Salary, although a big factor, is not the only attractive reason to move into Cabinetmaking Drafting. There are many other reasons candidates can enjoy a career in this field.

Break away from the tools

Cabinetmaking drafting means you are no longer confined to the rigor of working on the tools. This can be an important consideration when moving into the latter part of your career. The pressure of a manual labour job can take its toll on the body and your health. So not only is it a great lifestyle change but it may also save on chiropractic bills later down the track!

Flexibility in working environment

Cabinetmaking Drafting provides the flexibility to work from home or anywhere that has internet access as well as more choice in working hours. For many, this provides a lifestyle change that money can’t buy.

Become your own boss

With the demand for Cabinetmaking drafters at an all-time high you have the opportunity to become your own boss and freelance your services to several employers. Do as much or as little as you desire. An organisation like Top Draft Group can advise on what specific skillsets are most sought after and align you with companies that suit your skills and culture fit.

Be part of an emerging industry

The Cabinetmaking Drafting industry is relatively new but is set for strong growth into the future. By making the move now you will be ideally positioned and sought after as the industry grows and the opportunity for career and salary advancement as well as job security will increase accordingly.

Enjoy an exciting career in technology

Ground breaking software such as Microvellum and Cabinet Vision are driving the industry in new and exciting directions. If you have always been interested in technology a career as aCabinetmaking Drafter really is an exciting opportunity to turn your interest into a lucrative career and a job you love.

Extend your working life

Without that elusive lottery win or rich great aunt, chances are most of us will be working longer so why not do something you love and fits in to your lifestyle? A career in cabinet drafting has the flexibility to extend your working life at a rate that works for you, in a location that works for you and without taking a toll on your body.

How do I learn more about a career in Cabinetmaking Drafting?

If we have made a case that is compelling enough for you to consider a career change into Cabinetmaking Drafting, reach out to Top Draft Group to find out how you can get the ball rolling.

Listen to how our Top Drafter Program can  help you make a smooth transition into the Cabinetmaking drafting industry