Microvellum Training Courses

Microvellum for cabinetmaking drafters

Microvellum is a powerful, CAD/CAM software platform used to program CNC’s in the manufacturing industry to cut wood and wood products. The power of this platform is in its ability to streamline workflows across design, drafting, estimating, engineering, manufacturing and reporting. This creates massively increased efficiencies making it a game changer in manufacturing particularly in complex and high-end joinery.

High demand for cabinetmaking drafters with Microvellum qualifications 

Microvellum is at the forefront of the manufacturing industry. It’s workflow and its ability to handle custom designed projects make it highly attractive for use in shopfitting, high end commercial and high-end residential projects.  It has a strong future of predicted growth. However, demand for specialists in this platform is vastly outweighing supply making it and attractive, lucrative and flexible career option.

Where can Cabinetmaking Drafters get industry training in Microvellum?

You can undergo training from Microvellum or an endorsed Microvellum Training provider, like Top Draft Group. Top Draft Group are a preferred partner of Microvellum and we have designed a tightly targeted beginners’ course that is delivered remotely, over a total of 4 days. It keeps the cost down and allows you to attend the course from work or home. We have developed this course around the immediate needs of our business partners that use Microvellum right now so our candidates have the specific skills to hit the ground running in a role straight away.

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Do I need any cabinetmaking skills or qualifications to train in Microvellum? 

Whilst not strictly required, having knowledge and/or understanding of cabinetmaking or joinery work is a big advantage. Microvellum is a CAD/CAM software, short for Computer Aided Drafting and Computer Aided Machining. This means that the drafter doesn’t just produce the drawings of the cabinets, they also produce the programming for the CNC that cuts the wood and wood products.

As such, you need to understand not only how to draw the joinery items but also how they are built to ensure the programmed pieces will be cut, drilled, built, transported, and installed correctly.

Is there an industry-recognized qualification for Microvellum training? 

Yes, after successful completion you will receive a certificate outlining the details of your training so you can present it to any future employers.

Can I work while I am training? 

 Yes. Top Draft Group delivers training remotely, both to keep the cost down and to let you learn from wherever you are. For employers, this works well, it allows their employees to work on their own projects, from their own desks with their own Microvellum set-up. It eliminates downtime and it maximises the employee’s return on their training investment.

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