Contemplating a career change can be overwhelming for the best of us, particularly during these uncertain times. You need to consider the financial aspects; the time it takes out of the workforce; what training is required and the dreaded prospect of starting your career at the bottom again.

Although these factors can seem like good reasons to stay put and keep doing what you’re doing you also need to consider your long-term future if you don’t make a change.

Cabinet making can take its toll on your body a lot earlier than the average intended age of retirement at 65.5 years (Australian Bureau of Statistics). So making a plan to future-proof your career and secure your financial stability now is the smartest move.

You may not realise it, but cabinet makers have an amazing opportunity right now, that no other trade does.

There is a huge untapped industry with amazing opportunities for people with exactly your skill set.

So with a plan in place and the right training tools, you can turn a dreaded career change that overwhelms others, into a smooth career transition that you can look forward to.

A move into Cabinetmaking drafting is not only a lucrative option, but also an exciting opportunity to become a part of the future of the industry. Products like Microvellum are pioneering new technology offering huge opportunities for streamlining design and manufacturing workflows for businesses large and small.

However, while the technology is here, there is a shortage in the industry of operators with cabinet making experience that can really leverage the benefits of this technology for business.

As an experienced cabinet maker you already have the skill set that those companies are looking for and now is the perfect time to kickstart a new career as a Cabinetmaking Drafter.

Top Draft Group run a program called the Top Drafter Program. This program is designed to provide a smooth transition from cabinet maker to drafter and get you job ready fast for employers crying out for your expertise.

Our program offers training in drafter software such as Microvellum but it also goes one step further and offers the all-important industry job training. Because we offer remote drafting services as well as drafter recruitment services, we know exactly what employers are looking for right now. So, your training will be customised to meet those very particular needs.

This means you go to the market job ready with a vital insight into the challenges and requirements your new employer faces in their business. This, alongside your valuable cabinet making experience put you at the top of the pile and makes you a huge asset to a team immediately.

So, if this seems like the opportunity you have been looking for, then get in touch today and see how you can become a Top Drafter.


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