Women in trades, construction and manufacturing

Can women work in the building and construction trades?

Of course!

Once considered a male only working environment, more and more women are showing an interest and participating in trade related disciplines which can represent a positive change in these sectors. But there are still some common barriers to this – fears of a male dominated work culture, the physicality of the work, worksites not set up for multiple genders and unequal pay.

In fact, a bigger hurdle might simply be the lack of information available to women around pathway options and the broad range of industries and roles that offer them opportunities.

What opportunities currently exist for women in trades, building and manufacturing

The building and manufacturing sector offer women such a wide range of job types, environments and workplaces to choose from – whether out on site, remote working or in a workshop.

There is currently a high demand for skilled professionals across the sector.  Today women occupy less than 2% of those currently working in trades and related roles.

We want to see this statistic change. As a society we have come a long way in our thinking. Employers recognise the value of diversity amongst the workforce and being female is now considered an asset bringing a varied perspective to the job.

No area of the building and manufacturing is closed to women who have a desire to get started and progress in their field of choice.

How much can women earn as a tradie.

Officially there is no difference between the wage paid to a male and a female doing the same job in the building trades.

Typically, a first-year apprentice might earn $40,000 per annum with the option to earning a $100,000 per annum with the requisite experience.

The cost of a Certificate III in joinery, which can be completed in a year and opens the door to an apprentice is about $12,000.  However, this cost can be significantly lower based on eligible government subsidies.

This compares favourably to the cost of a four-year Bachelor degree.

Are some trades better suited to women?

There are no barriers to entry for women who want to get involved in the trades and related areas. However each trade is different and offers unique benefits for both men and women.

There are women who will be drawn to physically demanding roles.  Equally there will be women who look to trades that involve less physicality – for example, joinery, cabinet making and the electrical trades.

Women in Cabinet Making Drafting?

Starting with a trade can also offer an opportunity to progress into other even more flexible and lucrative career options.

At Top Draft Group we are passionate about attracting women to the flourishing market of joinery drafting! This is a speciality field in a growing industry and is particularly attractive to those with joinery, carpentry or cabinet making experience.

This is a traditionally male dominated field but it doesn’t have to be!

Ask us how you can get started today!

Joinery or cabinet making drafting offers a varied, creative, flexible career path that is family friendly, pays well and easily extends through raising a family and later life where more physical roles may not.

It is suited to those with a creative flair, have attention to detail, and enjoy seeing the finished product of what they have created.

Because the role can focus on design and development rather than hands on work, drafting also offers the opportunity to work remotely which provides that extra flexibility and family friendly career options.

However, possibly the most attractive aspect of this career path is that it is currently experiencing massive growth and the shortage of specialised candidates means this is a lucrative career option now and into the future. We believe this is a fantastic opportunity for women to future proof their careers for the long term.

How do women get involved in Cabinet Making Drafting?
There are no special pathways for females.  This is good news, because there are no gender barriers to entry.  Being female may be a significant point of difference for a candidate.

If you’re interested in this exciting new career path with options you may not have even heard of contact us today joanne@topdraftgroup.com